Ideas for using technology with reading

Want some ideas on useful software apps / programs to use in your reading lessons?  Check out this great list of resources from Shelby Scoffield’s article 10 Innovative Learning Stations That Get Students Reading retrieved from the Edutopia website Her ideas include: Diigo to identify important elements of the book Glogster to build character …

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Education blogs worth following

           Sometimes the problem is knowing where to start.  With literally thousands of options available, how do we know which blogs are worth following?  BookWidgets is an education blog that has compiled - a list of education blogs! - that are worth following.  They have included 15 noteworthy blogs to follow, and have even included a link …

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Education and Psychosocial Support in camp

In Za'atari Refugee Camp half of the 30,000 Syrian refugee children do not go to school, but a UNESCO education program in the camp is doing wonderful things for children living in the camp in the form of education and psychosocial support.  Read five inspirational stories by following this link. Reference:    

“The path of marriage trumped the option of going to school”

Despite several schools opening in the Za'atari refugee camp, for some families conditions in the camp and old customs make this a difficult prospect.  With 42% of families headed by a female only, and the dangers of the camp and potential problems with girls travelling to school alone, some families prefer the security and financial …

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Refugee education in crisis

As I am researching for my assignment on learning hubs in refugee centres, comes this reminder of the plight of refugees by UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi: “Refugees have skills, ideas, hopes and dreams… They are also tough, resilient and creative, with the energy and drive to shape their own destinies, given the …

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Reflection of Learning Spaces

I am reposting this due to issues with my blog: Reflection of Learning Spaces The Learning Spaces course has been excellent for helping me to see the relationships involved in the Learning Space.  It is not just a physical space.  It involves: the personal, the e-space, Group, collaborative and cooperative spaces; the classroom and the …

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Ideas for software apps to use in the classroom

  There are literally thousands of education software apps that are great for being creative, encouraging learning, and getting children interested. Below are a few that I have discovered in my studies: Algodoo - physics simulator Animoto - create movies from images & video Audacity - audio editor Book Creator – write books Canva – …

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